‘Ralph Must Resign’ protest set to take place at governor’s mansion

Published: Feb. 13, 2019 at 4:07 PM EST
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The momentum to force Governor Ralph Northam to resign continues to grow – with a planned protest outside of his mansion Wednesday.

It’s being called the ‘Ralph Must Resign Rally.’ Several groups are coming together to demand greater accountability following the


Wednesday is the day the governor had a Black History Month event scheduled to take place at the governor’s mansion. The date was set prior to the recent controversy. It is now being postponed, but protesters say their fight is not.

Three women. Different platforms. Same message.

"He’s not hearing us. He’s not listening,” said Chelsea Higgs Wise, of the Race Capitol radio show.

While Northam may not be dominating the national news anymore, the calls for resignation are gaining steam.

“So he knows there’s a continued unrest,” said Francesca Leigh-Davis, of RVA Dirt.

It comes as some, including the National Black Farmers Association, have said Northam deserves redemption and should stay in office.

"Who they asked in the community did not include all of us,” Leigh-Davis added.

They say Northam has lost their respect.

"We are the people who voted him in office, myself personally as a black woman gave him my vote, so I feel obligated to make sure he’s held accountable,” she said.

The governor says he’s trying. He’s beginning a reconciliation tour next week at Virginia Union University.

The women were asked if it shows that he’s trying.

“No. What it shows is that he's continuing to talk his way out of a mistake that he acted his way into. We need action,” Leigh-Davis said.

“There are five historically black universities and colleges throughout the state that are underfunded. He needs to include some real policy around how these HBCUs are being afforded and awarded. We’re also asking for an examination of policies of laws that continue to disenfranchise African-Americans,” Shemicia Bowen, of Virginia Black Politicos, said.

They say that's in addition to the call to step down.

The women were also asked if he can prove himself.

“Yeah, he absolutely can, outside of office," Higgs Wise said.

The Virginia Black Politicos are calling on a private meeting with the governor to have an open dialogue with no cameras or social media.

The protesters were asked what their thoughts were on the Attorney General and the Lt. Governor.

They said Justin Fairfax deserves due process surrounding his


When it comes to

, they say their protests are just getting started.