A summary of Wednesday's winter storm

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Several inches of snow fell across the Valley Wednesday morning (February 20th), before transitioning to an icy mix of freezing rain and sleet for the afternoon and evening. Here's a recap of the system.

From Doug in Raphine.

Snow started to fall generally after 2 a.m. on Wednesday. The highest totals were across the Northern Valley as well as West Virginia as expected, whereas the lowest totals were across Southern Augusta and Rockbridge Counties. This had to do with when the snow transitioned to the icy mix, which happened sooner across the southern portions of the area.

Once the transition occurred in the mid to late morning, there was a prolonged window of sleet and freezing rain. While the icing was not as significant, power outages had been reported throughout the day. Several crashes were reported along Interstate 81 throughout the day, thanks to snow and ice covering the roads.

In terms of the snow and ice accumulation, all areas fell within our predicted range of 3-6" with up to 7-8" across the Northern Valley and West Virginia.. The amounts below include snow and sleet accumulation.
Lost City: 7"
Old Fields: 5.5" with 3/4" of sleet
Edinburg: 5.5"
Strasburg: 4.75"
Wintergreen: 4.5"
Franklin 4.5"
Grottoes: 4"
Stanley: 3.75"
Raphine: 3.25" with 0.10" of ice
Staunton: 3"
Dayton: 3"
Waynesboro 2.5"
Harrisonburg: 2"

The good part of the storm was that there was not as much ice accumulation as there could have been. Had temperatures been about 2 degrees colder, there would have been much more icing. Most of the icing reports that came in were between a glaze to a tenth of an inch, a couple of isolated areas up to a quarter of an inch. The biggest impacts with this storm were the roads as well as the power outages.

From Astrid.