Harrisonburg broke May rainfall record, June already above average

Published: May. 31, 2018 at 7:28 AM EDT
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Over the past several weeks, rain showers and afternoon storms have been off and on throughout the area.

The threat of more flooding remains the greatest concern.

Areas of Fulks Run, Quicksburg, Waynesboro, and locations along route 220 in Pendleton County have seen the greatest amounts of rainfall this Spring.

Harrisonburg shattered its record May rainfall the morning of the 31st bring the monthly total to 10.87 inches - the previous record was set in 1924 at a total of 8.68 inches.

June has continued the trend. As of June 8, Harrisonburg has already surpassed its rainfall average. Typically each June Harrisonburg receives 3.41" and this month the rainfall total is currently 4.86 inches. More rain showers and storms are on the way this weekend.

Flooding will remain our greatest threat to the area until we have a decent dry spell.

The areas that are most prone to flash flooding are locations closest to rivers, creeks and streams.

If you have already dealt with flooding in the past few weeks, prepare yourself and your home for the scattered showers and storms this weekend.