Record number of internationals students studying in Virginia

Published: Jan. 12, 2017 at 6:14 PM EST
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New numbers show the Commonwealth is getting more international students than ever before, and many of them are choosing to further their education past a bachelor's degree.

The Department of Homeland Security released its quarterly report on the Student and Exchange Visitor Program, and it says Virginia is doing very well at attracting international students to our colleges and universities.

Virginia saw more than a 20-percent increase in international students choosing to pursue masters degrees, which is the highest number in the country.

One big reason for Harrisonburg, specifically, could be our diversity.

"I think that could be very attractive for students. I mean, you want to be around people that are like you to some degree, but at the same time when you are with people that aren't necessarily like you, that gives you a great opportunity for learning," said Matt Ruth, the EMU Director of Undergraduate Admissions.

The United States also recorded a record number of international students.

As of November, 2016, the international student population was at 1.23 million.