Residents concerned over potential MBU expansion into neighborhood

STAUNTON, Va. (WHSV) — Some Staunton residents are concerned at the possibility of Mary Baldwin University expanding into their neighborhood.

The university requested a special use permit to use two houses on Sycamore Street as student housing.

In a meeting on Thursday, the Staunton Planning Commission approved the request. However, some residents are not pleased with the decision.

"The traffic is a problem right now anyway. Parking is a problem. Always has been," said Elizabeth Eisner, who lives on Sycamore Street. "With an additional 13 to 16 people on the street, one way or the other, is a little hard to imagine."

MBU wants to use 245 Sycamore Street and 249 Sycamore Street for the student housing.

Staunton City Council will have the final say on whether the permit is approved or not.