Staunton residents learn more about clean energy campaign at meeting

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STAUNTON, Va. (WHSV) — On Wednesday night in Staunton, more than a dozen residents came out for a meeting to learn more about how local governments can take advantage of clean energy.

Alice Redhead, with the Virginia chapter of the Sierra Club, speaks to attendees about clean energy. | Credit: WHSV

Alice Redhead, the clean energy organizer for the Virginia chapter of the Sierra Club came to speak about the 100% Virginia campaign. The goal is to build a movement toward relying completely on clean and renewable energy by 2050.

"Local governments don't realize the things they could be doing, and there's a lot of action we can take locally," Redhead said.

City council member Erik Curren organized the meeting. He said the goal seems to be in line with residents' interests, and if there's enough concern, it could be brought before city council.

"Gauging their interest and letting them know about the program and letting them know about the benefits to Staunton in terms of a cleaner environment and more jobs and more businesses," Curren said.

People at the meeting said they were interested in learning more about the options available, and many expressed concern about the current state of the climate.