Reward for information regarding stolen Confederate flags increases

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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — The reward for information on whomever took more than 200 flags from a Harrisonburg cemetery has increased.

Camp Number 10 of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans has been placing flags like this about three times a year on people's graves for 15 years at Woodbine Cemetery.

Last month, police said the Confederate flags were stolen from the graves of Confederate soldiers at the Woodbine Cemetery on Veterans Day. Those with Camp Number 10 of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans have been putting up the flags about three times a year for 15 years.

"None of this will ever stop us from honoring our Confederate veterans," Phil Way, Commander of Camp Number 10, said. "All of which of we, being sons and grandsons and great grandsons of Confederate veterans, honor every chance we get."

The Harrisonburg Police Department continues to investigate the thefts of the flags.

The reward is now up to $1,500.

Despite the theft, Way told us after Veterans Day that they're still planning to keep putting the flags out. He said in the future, they may have someone standing by to watch the flags, or they may put up cameras.

"It's only a couple times a year that we do this, and we'll continue to do it. People in my group ain't scared, we'll put it that way," Way said.