Rezoning to help organization bring more affordable housing to 'Friendly City'

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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — After the City of Harrisonburg passed a new zoning district last summer, Central Valley Habitat for Humanity is taking advantage of it by helping more families find a home.

Central Valley Habitat for Humanity is the first organization to take advantage of the new R8 Zoning district in the city of Harrisonburg.

The new R8 category allows more density in smaller lot sizes, permitting the organization to eventually build six homes near the corner of Virginia Ave. and 3rd St.

"It just made sense for our organization, who's about affordable housing, to team with the city and take advantage of a situation that promotes more affordable housing," David Wenger, Executive Director of Central Valley Habitat for Humanity, said.

The homes will be duplexes that house two families in each of them. In 2019, Habitat for Humanity helped place four families in their forever homes.

That's a goal, Wenger said, they have set for every year, with 2020 already looking promising.

"It looks like through building and some rehab we will place at least six families this year," Wenger said. "So we're going to be a little over our goal for this year."

Construction on the new duplexes may state as early as this fall, depending on volunteers and funding.

If you would like to donate to Central Valley Habitat for Humanity or would like to volunteer, click here.