US Marshals: Anyone harboring Michael Brown faces criminal charges

Published: Nov. 21, 2019 at 12:32 PM EST
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UPDATE (Nov. 21):

Acting U.S. Marshal Brad Sellers says anyone harboring murder suspect Michael Brown or any other fugitive could face criminal charges, in response to groups saying on social media they would protect him from capture.

U.S. Marshals held a press conference on Thursday afternoon to discuss the ongoing search for Brown, a Marine deserter accused of killing his mother's boyfriend, Rodney Brown, in Franklin County on November 9.

He has been on the run since then, and Sellers says there have been no confirmed sightings of Brown since Nov. 14, a week ago.

In theory, he could be virtually anywhere after that amount of time, but Marshals believe he is still in the area of southwestern Virginia.

Sellers says marshals have received about 280 tips about Brown's possible whereabouts, but all have been fruitless.

However, he urges people to continue to report any suspicious activity or possible sightings, and urges them to report things immediately, rather than waiting a day or even several hours, when it might be too late to find anything.

He says marshals and other police agencies have been very active following up on those tips, many of which turned up to have no connection to Brown, such as the discovery of a rifle in the Hollins area Friday that Sellers says was ultimately not linked to Brown or to any criminal activity.

There is still a $10,000 reward available for help in this case. Calls can be made to 911 or 877-WANTED-2.


U.S. Marshals found a rifle as part of their search for murder suspect

Wednesday, but they say until they test it, they cannot link it to Brown.

Acting on a tip, Marshals searched the Hollins area and found the rifle in the backyard of a home on Nell Drive. They say there are no new confirmed sightings of Brown, who is accused of killing his mother's boyfriend in Franklin County on November 9.

“I think everybody in this neighborhood will be very, very happy when he is caught,” said a woman who lives on Nell Drive, but asked not to be identified.

She said a suspicious man shrouded by a hood pulled up in front of a home on her street in a white truck earlier Wednesday.

“He was just carrying a rifle and then he disappeared and then I was sitting there watching the truck, and he came back out, but he didn’t have it, and he got back in the truck and left,” she said.

The U.S. Marshals Service confirms it recovered a rifle from the yard of one home, but right now, they have been unable to link it to Brown.

Authorities also searched throughout the area, including a home nearby where neighbors say the homeowner does not live full-time, but were unable to locate Brown.

Marshals have received more than 250 tips in the search for the Marine deserter, but there have been no confirmed sightings since November 14 in the Roanoke area.

There is still a $10,000 reward available for help in this case. Calls can be made to 911 or 877-WANTED-2.

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