Rite Aid Pharmacy on W. Beverley St. in Staunton closes in a month

The Walgreens owned Rite Aid on West Beverley Street, closing on August 12. | Credit: WHSV
The Walgreens owned Rite Aid on West Beverley Street, closing on August 12. | Credit: WHSV(WHSV)
Published: Jul. 12, 2019 at 6:22 PM EDT
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The Walgreens-owned Rite Aid on West Beverley street in Staunton is closing its doors on August 12.

"It's going to hurt the area bad," Alex Teasley, a Staunton resident, said. "The impact is going to be devastating to a lot of people, especially the ones staying at the Valley Mission that rely on it daily for anything and everything"

With one more business moving out of the West End, some residents are losing hope for the area.

"It's like this side of town is haunted or something. It's hard to even explain, you know, things just don't thrive on this side of town," Teasley said.

Walgreens spokesperson Alex Brown tells us they are closing some locations to streamline all of their stores and make sure they have the right stores in the right locations.

While some say it is unfortunate to see it go, they are not losing hope in what the West End has to offer.

"A vibrant business community serving Staunton and Augusta County," is how Kim Harris, owner of Bit N' Bridle, described the area. "There are actually 85 businesses in the West End."

Harris is a member of the West End Business Association, which focuses on promoting those businesses that are still on the west side of town.

"We hope that if we can promote this area, that that will also help attract something else, other businesses to come in," Harris said.

Rite Aid Pharmacy customers are being notified, and will still have full access to Walgreens services at the location on North Coalter Street on the other side of town.

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