Rockingham County administrators anticipate continued growth in Stone Spring area

ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) — Progress is being made in the Stone Spring area, and Rockingham County administrators say it is picking up traction with the new improvements.

Altitude at JMU in Stone Spring area. | Credit: WHSV

One of the bigger projects in this area was Altitude at JMU, and that is now complete and being rented out by students.

Rockingham County administrators said development in the rest of the Stone Spring area is all going to according to plan.

Along with finishing construction of the new student housing, there are also new gas stations open for business. The Massanetta Springs road project is now complete as well.

"Hopefully improved the traffic flow in that corridor and allow more people to get in and out of the Massanetta Springs area and the Holtzman business plaza," Casey Armstrong, Assistant County Administrator said.

Armstrong said feedback on those improvements have been good so far, and even with the completed projects and those that are underway, the county is expecting continued growth.

Armstrong said they plan to see more residential development for multi-family living and assisted living, but they will have to deal with some of the issues that come with that area.

"Specifically storm water realted issues that we are trying to get a handle on and implement things to mitigate those issues," Armstrong said.

Another one of the developments county administrators are anticipating is a Taco Bell in this lot on the corner of Stone Port and Stone Spring.