Multi-agency raid leads to arrest of long-wanted fugitive in Augusta County

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The Augusta County Sheriff's Office has released new information about the pursuit, barricade situation, and arrest of Jimmy Dean Bolenbarker.

Law enforcement had been searching for the 34-year-old man since March, when he eluded Virginia State Police, who were searching for him in connection to the theft of a Mercedes from a Waynesboro Park and Ride.

On Monday, June 10, the Augusta County Sheriff's Office and the Skyline Drug Task Force attempted to apprehend him at a Fishersville gas station, but he fled in a Ford Focus.

Law enforcement officers pursued him until he crashed in the 500 block of Greenville School Rd. and fled on foot in the Greenville/Cold Springs area. Deputies said at the time that an unidentified female passenger took control of the vehicle and drove it for a short time before she fled on foot as well. She remains unidentified.

Bolenbarker eluded capture at that point.

On Tuesday, June 11, investigators received information that led them to a home at 19 Blacksmith Shop Road. While there, a search warrant was executed, but they found no one.

Then, on Wednesday, June 12, acting on more tips, members of the Skyline Task Force, Augusta County Sheriff’s Office, Staunton Police, Rockbridge County Sheriff’s Office and Virginia State Police went back to that location with another search warrant, believing Bolenbarker to be hiding inside.

At 1:30 p.m., they showed up and secured the home. Negotiators from the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office attempted to convince Bolenbarker to surrender and come outside. But as the standoff continued, the Augusta County SWAT team was called to the scene, and Staunton Police deployed their tactical robot.

Police sent chemical agents into the home, the Staunton robot carried out a search, and Augusta County K9 units went inside to search further.

Finally, at 5:09 p.m., SWAT team members found Bolenbarker in the attic, where he was trying to get out of the house through an attic eave.

He was taken into custody without incident and treated for exposure to chemical agents.

He's now being held in Middle River Regional Jail.

"The investigation is still ongoing, regarding the second suspect involved in Monday’s pursuit,” said Sheriff Donald L. Smith. Additional charges are pending for Obstruction of Justice for several suspects that helped conceal Bolenbarker from law enforcement."

Bolenarker faces the following 12 felony and 8 misdemeanor charges, as well as Circuit Court Capias to Violate Probation:

• 18.2-250 (F) Possess Methamphetamine
• 18.2-308.4 (F) Possess Firearm and narcotics
• 18.2-248 (F) Distribution of Methamphetamine
• 18.2-308.2 (F) Possess Firearm by Felon
• 18.2-95 (F) Motor vehicle theft
• 18.2-108 (F) Receive stolen Motor vehicle
• 46.2-301 (M) Drive suspended
• 46.2-852 (M) Reckless Driving
• 18.2-96 (F) Steal motor vehicle plates
• 46.2-613 (M) Operate unregistered vehicle
• 46.2-707 (M) Operate uninsured vehicle
• 46.2-894 (F) Hit and run
• 46.2-250.1 (M) Possess Marijuana
• 46.2-250 (F) Possess Methylin
• 46.2-250 (F) Possess Focalin
• 46.2-250 (M) Possess Tramadol Hydrochloride
• 46.2-250 (M) Possess Clonazepam
• 18.2-250 (F) Possess Methamphetamine
• 19.2-306 Violate Probation on a Felony
• 46.2-817 (F) Eluding
• 46.2-301 (M) Drive suspended


UPDATE (5:55 p.m. June 12):

A SWAT incident in Greenville led to the arrest of a man who was wanted by the Augusta County Sheriff's Office after a vehicle pursuit Monday night.

Augusta County Sheriff Donald Smith confirmed Jimmy Bolenbarker Jr. is in custody.

Sheriff Smith said Bolenbarker had barricaded himself in the attic of a house for about four hours on Wednesday afternoon.

He says bringing Bolenbarker into custody was a collaborative effort between the sheriff's office, the Staunton Police Department and Virginia State Police.

Deputies were searching for Bolenbarker after a high speed chase in Augusta County Monday night. Deputies say he drove away from a Fishersville gas station toward Greenville and crashed.

Court documents show Bolenbarker is accused of eluding Virginia State Police back in March.



There is a heavy police presence on Old Staunton Road in Augusta County, and the sheriff's office confirms SWAT is involved.

A spokesman for the Augusta County Sheriff's Office says the incident in Greenville has been going on since 1:30 p.m. and Jimmy D. Bolenbarker Jr. is involved.

Augusta County Sheriff's Office has been searching for Bolenbarker after he led law enforcement on a vehicle pursuit Monday night. Officials say Bolenbarker lost control of the vehicle and fled on foot in the 500 block of Greenville School Road.

An unidentified female was also in the car. The sheriff's office say she took off on foot as well, after taking control of the car for a short distance.

WHSV's Hannah Hall is on the scene of this Greenville incident.

She reports there are more than a dozen law enforcement vehicles on the scene, including from the Augusta County Sheriff's Office and the Staunton Police Department. She says she can hear a voice over a loudspeaker asking someone to come out with their hands up.

This is a developing story, and we will continue to bring you any updates as we get them.