Senate bill aims to create more charter schools in the state

Published: Jan. 23, 2018 at 6:44 PM EST
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Across the country, schools are participating in National School Choice Week creating awareness about the many different educational options for students.

In Virginia, Senator Mark Obenshain is hoping to make charter schools a more available option for parents when choosing a school for their kids.

According to the senator, current laws in the state make it difficult for charter schools to be approved leaving students in failing school divisions without other choices to pursue a strong education.

"In areas where schools are under-performing, giving parents an option and the ability to pick an innovative school to get their kids into, I think is an important right and alternative that ought to be available," said Obenshain.

If approved, Obenshain's Senate bill will create charter school divisions in areas of Virginia that can approve charter school applications instead of having to rely on local school boards to approve them.

"We ought not decide the quality of education our children are getting by their zip code and this is an important way to level the playing field and provide a world class education irrespective of where you live in Virginia," said Obenshain.

The bill was vetoed last year by then-Governor Terry McAuliffe and has been introduced again this year.