Showers and storms on and off for Fourth of July

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Summer is in full swing and pop-up storms are typical during the summer. This is the pattern we've seen recently, however with this type of pattern the rain is not very widespread and conditions can dry out very quickly.

Per our forecast, not everyone will see storms each day. However there are daily chances right through the weekend.
Forecasting exactly where a storm will form or hit is nearly impossible. Have you ever had paint on a paintbrush and splattered it on the wall, but tried to predict exactly where the paint will hit? It's impossible. That's what forecasting summertime storms is like.

More clouds than sun today and still warm. Highs will be held down a few degrees because of the cloud cover but it will still be very warm and muggy.
This morning: A few spotty showers after about 9/10am
This afternoon and evening: Scattered showers and storms from noon through 10pm.

Biggest threats: Most of these storms will be just that, storms. However, because there is really no wind flow above the surface, and storm or shower will be slow moving and can lead to slow moving showers and storms. For most of us this will lead to some beneficial rain but it will also affect some outdoor activities and plans.

Flooding threat: Because of the heavy rain in any storm, and the low speed of storms, localized flooding is possible especially in our flood prone spots. Those in West Virginia need to be especially on alert because it may only take 1" of rain in a short period of time to set off additional flooding.

Severe threat: Most of these storms will not be severe. Our storm ingredients are lacking organization for this, however we do have the possibility of microbursts. This is the downdraft of a thunderstorm, basically a sudden burst of wind coming down out of a thunderstorm that is very localized and only affects a very small area. Winds in a microburst can be 50-100mph and create damage.

Fireworks Forecast: The storm threat will continue through at least 10pm. It's not looking great for fireworks, but many localities and events may wait to make a last minute decision. because of the scattered nature of the rain, some will likely be able to get the fireworks in.

Rest of the week: The coverage of storms will drop a bit for Friday but more widespread activity is expected Saturday with pretty much the same as I laid out above. Have a way to receive warnings and alerts. check radar on your WHSV weather app. (This is different than the WHSV news app and different from the weather section of