Partial government shutdown affecting financial aid for students

A students FAFSA can at time be selected for federal verification and would need a tax return...
A students FAFSA can at time be selected for federal verification and would need a tax return transcript from the IRS to be approved.(WHSV)
Published: Jan. 8, 2019 at 7:31 PM EST
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The partial government shutdown has reached day 18 and is now affecting some Valley students going to class.

Part of the Internal Revenue Service is closed which means some students filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid won't receive money.

According to the Financial Aid Office of Blue Ridge Community College, when students apply for FAFSA their information is cross-checked and pulled from different government databases.

A few of these databases include the Department of Homeland Security and the IRS and this means some students who are applying for Financial Aid are unable to receive that information.

It may seem late for students to apply for Financial Aid at a university but for community colleges, it's not uncommon.

"At this point, because the IRS is working at minimal capacity, they're not able to make those requests," Megan Hartless, Coordinator of Financial Aid at BRCC, said. "They can't be made or fulfilled students aren't able to get those document so at this point we're kind of just handing in Limbo."

Heartless stated the college, for now, is allowing students to stay in their classes for the semester because we realize it's not their fault.

Blue Ridge Community College said around 20 students were impacted recently, but for those who already received financial aid, this semester should be fine.