No customer info compromised by ATM skimming device, Elkton bank says

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ELKTON, Va. (WHSV) — The information of customers at First Bank on W. Spotswood Trail in Elkton was not compromised when a skimming device was placed on an ATM at the location, according to a bank official.

Police asked for the public's help identifying two men captured on surveillance video at the Elkton branch's ATM on Friday, March 15.

Those two are considered "persons of interest" in the case.

A bank employee spotted the skimming device placed on the machine and immediately contacted police, according to Greg Hoover, the SVP of Consumer Services at First Bank.

"We train our staff, we have policies and procedures in place to monitor ATMs," Hoover said.

Skimming devices, which capture the details stored on a card's magnetic strip, can be put on any machine used for credit or debit transactions — from banks to self-checkouts to gas pumps.

Hoover recommended people stay on alert whenever using one of these machines, regardless of its location.

"Look for something that looks out of place, it could be something over a card reader. It could be something on the side of the machine, it could possibly be a camera," he said.

Anybody with information on the identity of the two men in the picture is urged to contact police.

The Frederick County Sheriff offers these tips for staying safe from card skimmers:

• Wiggle the partition where you place your credit or debit card prior to conducting any transaction. If the credit card slot area is loose, notify an employee of the business of your findings.
• Check gas pumps before inserting any credit card into a scanner. Consumers can look for a sticker that crosses between a pump and the pump access door that is located near the credit card slot. If that sticker has been cut or if there is tape residue, notify a store attendant and law enforcement should be notified.
• When entering your Personal Identification Number (PIN), cover the keypad with your other hand to shield your PIN from any cameras in the vicinity. Change your PIN number occasionally.
• Consider going inside the business to do a transaction versus using the outside credit card slot or use cash for your purchase.
• Monitor bank accounts and credit card statements for fraudulent charges. If any appear on your statements, immediately contact your banking institution or credit card company to dispute them. Then notify your local law enforcement agency.