Solar project tabled as board, company look at feedback

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AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) — The solar project in Augusta County has been talked about in the county for almost a year, and people will have to wait a little longer for a final decision from the board of supervisors.

Quillen family land where proposed solar panels would go

Tom Anderson, project manager, said with a project of this size, feedback is always involved. Anderson said they've been looking for specific feedback about the project and listened to some concerns in a meeting on Tuesday. They asked for the permit consideration to be tabled for 30 days, so they have time to look at the concerns.

"It's trying to address perhaps some setbacks here and there," Anderson said, "and maybe buffering enhancement."

Augusta County board of supervisors member Marshall Pattie said they will be working with the company behind the project, Community Energy Solar, to look at the concerns.

"Before the 30 days is up," Pattie said, "we're going to meet again to discuss some of these issues, and just talk about what process we want to take, and incorporating any changes to that."

Anderson said they want to take the time to make sure this project is something that works in the community, especially since it could be there for 35 years.

"We've spent a lot of time talking with neighbors about their neighborhoods and getting good feedback from them, we want to, as best possible, address everybody's concerns we can."

Pattie said there is still a chance for the public to comment on the project during the comment session in board meetings. He said its important to the board to really look at all angles of the project.

"Many people have thought this is a done deal, or we're absolutely going to vote against it, but as you can tell, this is something that the board is highly interested in and wants to see what everyone thinks, and if there is a solution in the future."

The board of supervisors will reconsider the special use permit at a meeting in May.