Special election for Cline's seat will happen in December

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AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) — The special election to fill Ben Cline's House of Delegates seat will take place on Dec. 18.

Cline's seat, representing the 24th district of Virginia, opened after he defeated Jennifer Lewis to win the 6th Congressional District seat. The speaker of the house will officially announce the election on Tuesday, and the Augusta County Democratic and Republican committees are working to make sure residents in the district know about the upcoming election.

"We have an email list and a phone number list, and we're trying to contact them through that, and also walking parts of those districts," Scott Seaton, a member of the Augusta County Republican Committee, said.

Frank Nolen, the chairman of the Augusta County Democratic Committee said the group is also reaching out to its members about the upcoming election with phone lists and emails.

Nolen said they don't yet have a candidate in mind for the seat, but he said it's important that anyone who is interested in running know about the deadlines.

"Pressure is on us to make sure that everyone that might want to run for the House of Delegates know that they have, what they have to do, what the deadlines are and what the options are," Nolen said.

A few people have already announced themselves as candidates for the Republican nomination. Seaton says they are doing a party canvass, which is like a smaller primary, on Nov. 17 to choose their candidate.

Each party must choose their candidates by Nov. 19. The deadline to register to vote is on Dec. 12, so anyone in the 24th district can still register, even if they didn't vote in the midterms.