Staunton City Council weighs in on Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Published: Sep. 22, 2016 at 11:07 PM EDT
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"The City of Staunton is on the record as opposing the pipeline for a variety of reasons," words from Staunton City Councilman Erik Curren, after city leaders met to discuss future options with the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

Curren said they're leaning on one option for addressing the pipeline. "We're looking at... asking for a meeting with Dominion Resources and expressing to them our concerns about the pipeline route," said Curren.

Dominion is moving forward with the project, selecting a construction company to build the pipeline if approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Curren said the main reason the city is against the proposed pipeline is because it would effect the city's water supply in Gardner Springs near city limits.

If approved construction would begin in fall of 2017 and finish by late 2019.

They are keeping there options open about, "participating in the pipeline approval process, in a more formal way," said Curren.

We reached out to Dominion. They said they have met with many communities to address their needs and concerns over the pipeline, and will continue to listen to everyone's needs.