Staunton police searching for suspect in felony hit-and-run

STAUNTON, Va. (WHSV) — Staunton police are searching for someone who was involved in a felony hit-and-run early Wednesday morning, leaving behind thousands of dollars of damage.

Jayma Huffman's vehicle after a hit and run that happened on Selma Blvd. | Credit: WHSV

This isn't the first time or even the second time the Huffman family has been victims of a hit-and-run here Selma Blvd. in Staunton.

"My dad woke me up and said 'your car has been hit,'" Jayman Huffman said.

It was around 3:30 Wednesday morning when the Huffman family came outside to see that someone had hit their vehicle, causing about $11,000 in damage.

"Anger first, then shock. I don't understand how somebody could do that much damage and not stop," Huffman said.

In 2019, there were 210 crashes that caused property damage in Staunton, and 15 of those were felony hit-and-runs.

Anything over $1,000 or that involves injury or death is considered a felony.

"Not paying attention to what they're doing," Huffman said. "Speed is definitely a factor on this street. There are lots of times that they blow right through that stop sign and keep on going."

Police are looking for a red truck or SUV that has front end damage. Whoever did this will be facing a class five felony.

"It's just one of those things where life throws you a curve ball and you got to go with it and have faith that whoever did it will be found and that everything will turn out okay," Huffman said.

Huffman said she doesn't know how long she'll be without a car and asks anyone with information to call the Staunton Police Department or Crime Stoppers.