Staunton registrar encourages community to vote by mail for upcoming elections

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STAUNTON, Va. (WVIR) The Staunton registrar is encouraging people to vote by mail.

Early voting for the 2020 Presidential Preference Primary kicked off Monday in Bay County. (MGN)

Right now the May 5 election for City Council and Staunton City School Board is happening as planned, but the registrar says the more people that vote through the mail, the fewer people they’ll have at the polls.

April 28 is the deadline for absentee applications. You can apply online, by email, printing from the city's website, or request by phone.

Staunton Registrar Molly Goldsmith says any registered voter can vote absentee using reason Code 2A. “It’s great because you can sit there and you can read your ballot and you can look up the candidates and then all you have to do is fill out your ballot, put it back. We send, we have the envelopes that you have to include it. We have all the instructions. You put it back in the envelope and you mail it back to us.”

The ballot needs to be signed, with a witness signature, and back to the voter registration office by May 5 at 7 p.m.