Staunton remembers Joseph White

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STAUNTON, Va. (WHSV)— The Staunton community is remembering Joseph White after he suddenly passed away over the weekend.

Joseph White, owner of Cranberry's Grocery and Eatery, died suddenly over the weekend. | Credit: WHSV

White owned Cranberry's Grocery and Eatery and people who knew him remember him as generous and cheerful.

"Joseph was just the most giving person," Pamela Mason Wagner, executive director of the Arcadia Project, said.

Wagner said she met White when she and her husband moved to Staunton several years ago. Wagner said she and White bonded over movies. He had a goal one year to watch all the Academy Award nominees, but missed some. Wagner loaned him her copies, and he would return them in paper bags and leave them at Cranberry's for her.

Wagner said she, her husband and White bonded over baseball as well.

Before coming to Staunton in 2015, White worked as an award-winning sports writer for the Associated Press covering teams in Washington, D.C.

"My husband and I are big baseball fans, and when we first moved to Staunton, we didn't have cable," Wagner said. "So he invited us over to watch some of the world series play off games at his house."

Wagner said White donated to the Arcadia Project, and was always working to make his store and Staunton more inclusive and welcoming.

"That expresses his generosity, that everyone in the community has experienced," Wagner said.

Amy Wratchford, managing director for the American Shakespeare Center, said she'll remember White's generosity as well. She said he worked closely with the Center over the years.

"From the minute he took over Cranberry's, he became almost a patron saint of our touring troupes and our resident troupes," Wratchford said.

She said he was always looking out for the actors and others at the Center, and in the community.

"He worked on a creating a program for local underserved students to come down and have dinner and a show at the playhouse," Wratchford said.

Both Wratchford and Wagner say they'll remember the impact he left on the Staunton community.