Staunton school board approves budget

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STAUNTON, Va. (WHSV)— The Staunton school board approved a budget on Monday that included teacher raises and money for new positions.

Superintendent Dr. Garett Smith said the budget included a three percent raise for teachers. It also including funding for new positions. The plan is to add a new assistant principal at the middle and high school.

"We just felt like we needed the extra support there,” Dr. Smith said. “The job's really changed, being a school based administrator, and we felt like we needed to get the extra support and put the big pieces in first."

The budget also included funding for two additional teacher for the city's alternative suspension center, which is part of their 100 percent project.

"We think we can get real creative and innovative with those students, and hopefully hook everybody, and find something that they're interested in and can be successful in in school.

Dr. Smith said taxes will not have to go up in order to cover the budget. It heads to city council for their approval next month.