Staunton updates West End Alliance on flood plain study

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STAUNTON, Va. (WHSV) — On Tuesday night, Staunton City Council will be giving an update on the outcome of their flood plain study at the West End Alliance meeting.

Staunton updated residents of the West End about the study results at the West End Alliance meeting Tuesday. | Credit: WHSV

Portions of the west end could be impacted by the results. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) had classified part of West Beverly Street as Zone A.

The classification means the area is at a higher risk of flooding incidents, like a 100 year flood, and residents in that area pay higher insurance premiums. The new results reclassified the area as Zone AE, which could mean lower insurance premiums.

Council member Erik Curren says that could help the area.

"The city is very interested in seeing some economic development in that area," Curren said. "so we'd like to do everything we can to support the property owners."

The city said between 20 and 25 properties came out of the flood plain and another 20 to 25 properties will likely be eligible for a decrease in insurance costs.

A few properties were added to the flood plain as a result of the study. The city said it will take at least six months for FEMA to process the changes.