Inspirational Staunton survivor shares how she beat cancer

STAUNTON, Va. (WHSV) — Priscilla Pineiro Jenkins was always taught to look for opportunities to give back and make people smile, and when she found out she had breast cancer at 34 years old, her attitude was no different.

Priscilla Pineiro Jenkins shares how important humanity is during any kind of life journey. | Credit: WHSV

Instead of asking "why me," Pineiro Jenkins said she focused her energy into how she was going to get through it.

That's something she says would have been impossible without the support she received from her husband, kids, coworkers, friends and medical team for helping her as she battled the cancer.

Around the same time, two of her friends were also diagnosed with breast cancer, and Jenkins called the three of them the "Tatateers." The women became very close during that time, and when one of them passed away, it was tough.

And now as Pineiro Jenkins celebrated 10 years of being cancer-free this month, she said it is a blessing and a curse.

"I'm excited that i was given the opportunity to continue living, but I'm saddened by all of those that their journey ended in such a way," Pineiro Jenkins said.

Ever since she beat it, she has looked at ways she can pay the kindness she received forward, and she lives each day looking for opportunities to help others along their journeys.

"I really am driven by the whole thought of humanity, coming together, being there for one another, building each other up, and taking and helping each other through whatever journey is happening," Pineiro Jenkins said.

She said she was inspired by her grandmother who also had breast cancer and the impact she had on people by being there and offering kindness.