Storms with gusty winds possible Friday

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A cold front is approaching the area and will impact our weather throughout the day today. This is going to be our main rain maker, but it could also lead to the possibility of some strong storms Friday evening, maybe a few severe storms.

Daytime: Spotty to scattered on and off showers at any point during the day. A few thunderstorms also possible. It will be rather mild but breezy for the day.

Evening: The strong line is expected to come through at some point between 5pm and midnight. These storms will likely be strong to severe and they will be capable of producing some strong wind gusts, possibly even severe and damaging winds, heavy rain and localized flooding, and lightning. This is why we have the First Alert Weather Day, so you know this is a day to really pay attention to the weather.

Severe Threat: For a storm to be considered severe, it needs winds over 60mph or hail larger that a quarter. Even if we don't have a severe storm, or we may have a few isolated severe storms, we could see winds that are just below severe. Meaning gusts can still be in the 40-50mph range and not be considered severe.
Damage to trees is more likely with winds at the 60mph threshold which is why it's used, but sub-severe winds can still cause some damage.

Tornado threat: While this remains low, it's not zero. Sometimes in these thunderstorm lines you can get what we would call brief spin-ups. Which would be weak, short lived tornadoes. The problem is, sometimes there may not be a tornado warning because they are either so brief and also these can be very difficult to detect. One thing to understand, is that damaging winds from thunderstorms is much more common. So winds of 60-80mph, whether it's from a tornado or a severe thunderstorm, it's all the same. It's going to create damage.

We have another risk for severe weather on Sunday. As a cold front crosses later in the evening, we will have yet another chance for potentially severe storms, heavy rain, strong or damaging winds, heavy rain and localized flooding. The flooding risk will be even higher after rain and storms on Friday and some on Saturday.

What should you do: Stay alert to the weather Friday evening. This is spring, storms and severe weather is common in the spring and summer. Our typical severe weather season can be from April through July. It's early in the season, but it's a good time to be reminded of your severe weather procedures:

Have at least 2 ways to get alerts. That can be on your phone, TV, or NOAA weather radio. Remember the WHSV weather app sends out weather alerts issued for your location, you may want to make sure you have the app and notifications turned on.

Where is your safe place when a tornado warning is issued? Have this plan with yourself, or your family. This can be a basement, or any interior room without windows. It might even be a closet. Cover your head.

TIP: Have sneakers, boots, or a sturdy shoe handy when we're expecting severe weather. A lot of injuries can happen after the storm. If there's damage, you don't want to be walking around barefoot or in sandals.

Have the WHSV weather app. It's free to download, you can receive all of your severe weather alerts and follow along with radar. We can also send you notifications when the storms have cleared the area or other important weather information.