Student housing holiday break-ins drop from 2018 to 2019

HARRISONBURG, Va. -- James Madison University students have returned to Harrisonburg after their winter break.

One apartment was broken into at Campus View Apartments over winter break.

Police say break-ins have been common in student housing, while students are home for their month-long break. This year, break-ins are down.

Sergeant Chris Monahan with the Harrisonburg Police Department said last winter break they had five reported break-ins. This year there was only one reported which occurred at Campus View Apartments off of Reservoir Street.

"Historically, when we've worked with break-ins in the area it's people who have targeted students because they're aware of when winter break is and they know there is going to be limited activity in the area," Monahan said.

Monahan said to avoid being a target, keep your home or apartment well lit, make sure there are no valuables left in plain sight through windows, and if something means that much to you take it with you when you leave.