Students get a taste of reality during financial simulation

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FORT DEFIANCE, Va. (WHSV) -- Students at Fort Defiance High School are getting a taste of reality. The junior class took part in a financial simulation, showing them what to expect when they enter the real world.

During Reality Town, students are assigned a career, family, income and expense account.

While trying to figure out their budget, they traveled from table to table, paying for necessities like housing, transportation and groceries.

Sheba Lane, career coach at Fort Defiance High School, said this event helps to prepare students for life after graduation.

"We have to provide these experiences so that they start to begin thinking about that," said Lane. "They don't know what all their parents and family are planning for a month and how detailed a budget must be in order to have success."

Students were assigned careers like radiologist, general contractor and computer technician.

The housing choices ranged from luxury to the bare minimum.

Some students got lucky, having enough cash to afford a three bedroom home. Other students were stuck in their parent's basement.

"It was pretty cool. It showed me a lot about like being mature in life," said KC Romero, who participated in the event. "I didn't really know that everything costs so much, like buying a car. I didn't realize it would be that expensive. It took up like 75 percent of my income. It was a bad choice, but it was a nice car."