Study shows that people overeat when stressed during the holidays

Credit: WDTV
Credit: WDTV(WHSV)
Published: Dec. 24, 2019 at 2:14 PM EST
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There are many stress factors around during the holiday season and a recent study from Healthline reveals that 26% of Americans plan to cope with holiday stress by overeating.

Studies confirm that people gain an average of one pound over the holidays and don't tend to lose it, which causes the weight gain to keep accumulating.

A clinical psychologist at the United Summit Center in Clarksburg, Dr. Franklin Curry, said it's best to keep your expectations reasonable during the holidays to avoid stressing.

"Just enjoy the moment, take each thing as they come and if necessary stop, take a break, breathe do something a little bit different, get away from things a little bit, don't feel like you have to deal with everything all at once or all the time," he said.

Dr. Curry also mentioned setting smaller goals for yourself can help lessen stress, and even if you manage to gain weight over the holidays, he said you can always get back on track.

"Just because you may have gotten a little carried away at that point that doesn't mean it has to become a habit. You can always go back catch up at that point."

Tim Newman, the Medical News Today senior news editor, shared some tips to avoid gaining weight if you happen to stress eat over the holidays.

Avoid the temptation to overindulge. To do so, eat before drinking and avoid salty snacks that cause thirst.

People should also stay moving, eat healthfully, and mind your mental well-being.