Augusta County supervisors table decision on air cannons

AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) — The Augusta County Board of Supervisors tabled a decision Wednesday night to prohibit the use of air cannons.

During an hour-long public hearing, several people spoke for and against an amendment that would make using air cannons illegal.

Farmers and vineyards said they use air cannons to scare birds away from their property and prevent the loss of crops.

One farmer said he lost more than $20,000 last year after birds sickened his livestock.

A vineyard in Swoope said one third of its crops were damaged last year, which caused them to purchase air cannons.

However, several people fired off their complaints to the board and said the air cannons are a "constant aggravation," and said the excessive sound is a disturbance to safety.

One woman at the meeting said the cannons fire off every 10 seconds, ruining the quality of life for her family, who lives nearby.

The board tabled a decision after the public hearing.