"Support A Teacher" Facebook page starts a movement

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — A movement to fulfill items on teachers' classroom wish lists is trending on social media.

Local teachers posting their Amazon Wish Lists full of school supplies needed for the upcoming school year.

#clearthelist. The phrase many educators, locally and nationally, are using as they post links to Amazon wish lists of classroom supplies. On July 1, Courtney Jones, the founder of the Facebook page and a teacher from Texas, coined the hashtag, "Clear The List."

"I started it initially as a place for teachers to support each other and kind of give back in ways that we aren't necessarily always supported," said Jones.

She said the overall response to the page is overwhelming, gaining over 14,000 page likes and even getting the attention of some celebrities.

"We've had a lot of publicity lately, Khloe Kardashian picked it up. She has kind of endorsed it, as well as Jeffree Star, a big media mogul guy," said Jones.

The page creator says teachers are hungry for resources, to help teach their students the best way they can.

To join the movement, you can search #clearthelist on Twitter or Facebook to donate to teachers near you. You can also donate to the Clear The List gofundme page.