Tornado myth: You can always see it coming

Published: May. 12, 2017 at 1:42 PM EDT
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Tornadoes — The only thing more frightening and more dangerous than one is the tornado you do not see coming.

Humans are naturally curious about features as uncommon, as destructive, and as menacing as tornadoes. So much so, that one's first instinct when a tornado warning is issued may be to attempt to see it for themselves.

This could turn out to be the final decision of your life.

Your chances of surviving a tornado are best when proper precautions are taken, including taking shelter and waiting out the storm.

You should never wait to take action until you see the twister, because there is a chance you may never see it coming.

Sometimes, a tornado may not be visible to the human eye because it may be shrouded in rain. It may be blocked by trees, hills, or mountains. And most dangerous of all, it may strike in the cover of night.

If you can not see a tornado coming, are there any signs that one might be approaching?

There is a myth that a green sky may mean a tornado is on the way. While there is some truth to this myth, it is still no sure thing.

The green tint you may see in clouds is actually the result of sunlight refracting off of hail within the storm. So while this visual clue may tell you that a strong thunderstorm is approaching, it does not always mean a tornado is on the way.

Remember, your first action after a tornado warning is issued should always be to take shelter, never wait until you see it for yourself.

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