Toy Convoy gearing up for its 22nd year

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2018 marks the 22nd year of Toy Convoy.

It was started by and is an initiative of WHSV done on behalf of The Salvation Army for Harrisonburg/Rockingham County, Staunton and Waynesboro and Page One in Page County.

Each year, WHSV partners with Mountain Valley Burger King, Harrisonburg Auto Mall and Wal-Marts across the area to gather toys from our community to benefit local children in need.

This year, our toy drive starts with the Staunton Christmas Parade on November 26. It then runs all the way through December 8.

Our goal is to serve all the children in need in this area from infants to 12-year-olds. Toys will stay in the area where they are donated. So if you donate a toy in Page County, it will stay there.

While many people tend to gravitate to toys in the toddler to 7-year-old range, it's important to not forget about either the small babies or the older kids too.

The Harrisonburg Salvation Army says they need the most help with 10-12 year-olds. Some of the top suggested toys include LOL dolls, American Girl dolls, Baby Alive, anything from the movie "Frozen", superhero toys, Paw Patrol, Minecraft, remote control vehicles, slime kits/crafts, board games, and learning toys for all ages. They also need help getting bikes, scooters, skates, skateboards, basketballs, soccer balls, and footballs.

In Waynesboro, the Salvation Army says they need the most help in the 4-10 year old range. They especially need Paw Patrol toys, Legos, Doc McStuffins, remote control cars and trucks, superhero toys, LOL dolls, arts and craft kits, minion action figures, and Fortnite-themed toys.

The Staunton Salvation Army says they have a lot of kids asking for Legos, Fortnite toys, Nerf toys, arts and crafts kits and slime kits.

All kinds of toys are gladly accepted, and WHSV staff will be at locations across the area in the coming weeks to help collect them!

These are the number of kids we need to help in each area:

  • Harrisonburg/Rockingham County: 1,130 (518 families)

  • Staunton: 449

  • Waynesboro: 450

Where can you donate:

  • Staunton Christmas Parade on November 26

  • Waynesboro Christmas Parade on December 1

  • The Harrisonburg Holiday Parade on December 7

  • Any of these Wal-Mart locations: Dayton, Harrisonburg Crossing, Timberville, Luray, Staunton and Waynesboro

  • Any of these Burger King locations: Elkton, Mount Crawford, Harrisonburg (South Main, East Market Street [Downtown and near the Valley Mall], Staunton [Richmond Road], Verona and Waynesboro
  • Any Harrisonburg Auto Mall location, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Mitsubishi – all on South Main Street

  • Any Salvation Army location in Harrisonburg, Staunton or Waynesboro.

  • WHSV's station in Harrisonburg during business hours.

  • Joshua Wilton House in Harrisonburg

  • Harrisonburg Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Bojangles in Harrisonburg

  • Online: Harrisonburg, Staunton, Waynesboro

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