Lanes reopen on I-81 near Mount Crawford

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All northbound lanes are now open on Interstate 81 near Mount Crawford.

Two scenes involving disabled tractor trailers near mile marker 240 had been leading to delays for drivers earlier in the evening. VDOT says the scene is now clear.

UPDATE (6:50 p.m.):

There are now two scenes involving disabled tractor trailers within a tenth of a mile of each other blocking opposite lanes on the northbound side of Interstate 81 near Mount Crawford.

At mile marker 240, two tractor trailers remain stopped in the left lane and left shoulder, where they have been for over an hour. Just before that, at mile marker 239.9, a disabled tractor trailer has blocked the northbound right lane and right shoulder, leaving only a narrow gap between the two closures of both lanes.

Both scenes are right by Exit 240, which many drivers are using to get off the interstate and head to the extremely congested Route 11. Others are getting by on the right shoulder.

Backups stretch back at least four miles and will likely continue to grow.

If at all possible, avoid northbound Interstate 81 in the Mount Crawford area on Thursday evening.


UPDATE (5:45 p.m.):

While backups remain in the area just north of Harrisonburg after a trio of crashes around mile marker 249, no lanes are closed in that area any longer, and congestion is largely from heavier-than-normal traffic coming into and out of Harrisonburg with the end of the college semester and graduation.

Now, another tractor trailer crash, at mile marker 240, near the Mount Crawford exit, has closed the northbound left shoulder and left lane.

As of 5:45 p.m., that crash was causing at least three and a half miles of delays.

A VDOT traffic cam in the area appears to show two tractor trailers stopped in the left lane with a VDOT truck just behind them redirecting traffic.


UPDATE (4:30 p.m.):

Over an hour after a crash that closed a northbound lane of Interstate 81 at MM 249.4, backups still reach for miles through Harrisonburg amid heavier congestion than normal as people come into the city for college graduations.

An additional crash just a little farther north, at MM 250.3, has closed the northbound left shoulder and right shoulder.

On the southbound side, a crash at MM 249.8 has closed the southbound right shoulder.

James Madison University issued an alert about the traffic for families coming into Harrisonburg/


UPDATE (3:48 p.m.):

Both lanes of Interstate 81 are back open after a tractor trailer crash at mile marker 249.4, but backups of about 5 miles on the northbound side and 2 miles on the southbound side remain.

VDOT says the northbound right shoulder remains closed.


Drivers heading either direction on Interstate 81 should be prepared for delays just north of Harrisonburg on Thursday afternoon.

According to the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), a tractor trailer crash has closed the northbound right lane and right shoulder at mile marker 249.4.

As of 3:45 p.m., backups from the scene stretched at least five miles. On the southbound side of the interstate, backups also reached two miles.

With James Madison University's graduation this coming weekend, there's a lot of increased traffic in and around Harrisonburg, causing more congestion than normal.