Transgender woman gets name change after nearly two year battle

Published: Oct. 17, 2016 at 1:05 PM EDT
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A Shenandoah County judge has agreed to allow a transgender woman, convicted of several felonies, to change her name after a court battle of nearly two years.

Kendra Brill was born male as William, but wanted to change her name to match her identity. A judge originally denied Brill's request because of her past DUI conviction, citing that he didn't want confusion in the state's database.

Following that, Brill sent the court paperwork stating that she had gender dysphoria, but the judge denied that request as well.

After that, she went to Shenandoah County Circuit Court to continue her fight.

Now, Kendra has a brand new ID with the name she chose after her grandfather, Kenneth.

"(My grandfather) sat right outside (the courthouse) two years ago and gave me his credit card to go in (to the courthouse) and change my name," said Brill. "And I didn't know that the denial and the expectations on that denial were going to create so much turmoil in my life."

She now says she wants people to understand the stories of transgender people and what they go through.

"I don't want people to look at me like I'm a joke because there's a lot more to me and I have a feeling that I'm about to be blessed," Brill said. "Not just for myself but just to be around people that need me."

Kendra says her story is far from over. Next she wants to work as an advocate for transgender people like her.

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