UPDATE: Harrisonburg truck fire deemed an accident

Published: Aug. 19, 2016 at 2:19 PM EDT
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UPDATE: (4:50 p.m.)

Investigators say the fire was likely caused by a short circuit in the battery of the truck (2007 F-250) and that truck was a total loss. The fire did spread to the truck (Chevrolet Silverado) parked beside it, which sustained significant damage.

This is according to City of Harrisonburg Public Information Officer, Mary-Hope Vass.



A Ford pickup truck caught fire outside a Harrisonburg Motel 6 Friday afternoon.

The fire was reported shortly before 1:30 p.m. at the Motel 6 on Linda Ln. in Harrisonburg. This is near Lowe's. A plume of smoke could be seen rising above the skyline as WHSV's Channing Frampton approached the scene.

Arriving on scene, multiple fire trucks could be seen blocking the northbound lane of Linda Ln. Fire hoses snaked back the Motel 6 parking lot to the scene of the blaze.

Witnesses said someone pulled the motel fire alarm once the truck fire grew. It is unclear how the truck became engulfed in the flames. The fire was so hot, it damaged a Chevrolet pickup truck sitting next to the Ford. The flames also scorched the tree hanging over the two trucks in the parking lot.

Firefighters say they're still working to figure out who owns the truck. No one appeared to be hurt at the scene. There was no fire extension into the motel despite the close proximity of the building.

Harrisonburg Battalion Chief Brett Hartt said if your vehicle ever catches fire while you're inside, get out and get away from it. He said to call the fire department, and don't try to move it by yourself.

Motel 6 management offered no comment on the situation.

This is a developing story. We'll post new information here as soon as it becomes available.