UVA School of Nursing reflects on anniversary in a unique way

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WCAV) — Students, faculty and staff at the University of Virginia School of Nursing found a unique way to reflect on the meaning of Monday's anniversary.

Cranes (the birds) have long been said to be a symbol of peace.

On Monday, members of the School of Nursing came together to create their own paper folded cranes, made through the practice of origami.

Written on the cranes were people's intentions of how they planned to keep the school an inclusive and welcoming place for all throughout the upcoming school year.

The cranes are a change of pace for the School of Nursing, which has combined pictures with intentions in the past.

Susan Kools, of the School of Nursing, says the addition of cranes is a perfect way to reflect and move forward in a peaceful way.

"I would like people in the community of Charlottesville and the great Charlottesville region to know how serious we are in the School of Nursing about being a part of the community and not being apart from the community as often the university is portrayed," added Kools.

After Monday's event, the goal is to create a piece of art to hang in the school. This is so when people pass by, they are reminded they are in a community of respect and inclusion.

Monday was the two-year anniversary of the violent "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville.

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