United Way of Greater Augusta launches campaign for donations

STAUNTON, Va. (WHSV) — After three years of decreasing donations, a local non-profit in danger of losing critical money is launching a campaign to help raise money needed to help the community.

United Way of Greater Augusta is starting the campaign "Bridge the Gap" in order to raise $50,000 before April.

Jeff Miracle, CEO and president of United Way Greater Augusta, said that as their reliable donors have retired over the years, they have lost significant donations.

The organization projects that this year's numbers will be down 30 percent from last year.

Miracle said all of the money raised will help the members of the community.

"This isn't money to help pay a salary, it's not even money to help pay the bills around here," said Miracle. "It's money to help affect people directly in Staunton, Waynesboro and Augusta County and every single dollar that's raised will be sent directly back into the community."

Micale said the goal of the campaign is to avoid having to make cuts to the many programs they fund.

"We're doing the campaign in hopes of not having to make cuts, but if we don't raise all of the money, then, starting April 15th, we may have to make cuts, which would affect their allocations for the second half of April, all of May and all of June."

If the campaign does not raise the necessary funds, Miracle said they will be forced to cut funding to programs that rely on them.

In addition to the campaign, the nonprofit said they have cut every internal expense possible in order to save money and continue serving the community.