'Up on a Roof': two local men roof dwelling for a cause

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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) -- **EDITOR'S NOTE: Multiple videos can be viewed above. Note the playlist icon in the lower left corner of the video player (you may need to turn your phone to a landscape position to see this). Click the playlist icon to choose which video you'd like to watch!

Banner hanging on the front of King Photo Supply in Harrisonburg as the event goes on

If you see two men camping on top of King Photo Supply in Harrisonburg, don't be alarmed.

Starting Tuesday at 5 a.m., King Photo Supply President Allen Showalter and J.R. from Country Legends WSIG 96.9 will be spending 4 days and 3 nights up on the roof.

Very few people think of doing community service work from on top of a business, but that's what's worked for Showalter for the last 23 years that he's been hosting the "Up on a Roof" fundraiser.

During these next few days, Showalter and JR will be raising money and collecting food for the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank as part of Hunger Action Month. The bank feeds 114,000 individuals a month.

They'll be broadcasting their journey live on Harrisonburg Radio Group stations and doing interviews with board members from the food bank to share success stories.

But you're not limited to just checking in with them over the radio.
They're encouraging the community to come out and say hello, make a donation and enter to win prizes.

And to make being stranded on a roof a little more interesting, they're having a friendly competition.

"We'll have buckets that are hung over the side, JR's bucket, Allen's bucket, whoever's bucket collects the most money by 5:00 p.m. gets to be off the roof for an hour," said Showalter.

Showalter told WHSV that this is an event that he usually did with his dear friend, the late Bill Phipps.

Showalter and JR are making it a point to pay tribute to Phipps on Tuesday by honoring the good times they've had over the years.

The men hit the roof at 5 a.m. on Tuesday and won't step down for good until Friday.

To listen in on their adventure, you can tune in to one of the Harrisonburg Radio Group stations.

These include:
• More 96.1
• Q101
• Country Legends 96.9 FM
• V100.1
• Rewind 105.1
• WSVA News/Talk

You can also donate to the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank through the link we have provided.

Updates on the camp-out will be posted later this week.