Use caution when picking out Halloween makeup or face paint

MGN Online PHOTO: Makeup, Photo Date: March 17, 2015
MGN Online PHOTO: Makeup, Photo Date: March 17, 2015(KMVT)
Published: Oct. 22, 2019 at 3:25 PM EDT
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If you're planning out a Halloween costume this week for you or your kids, you'll want to pay close attention to any face makeup or face paint you use. Experts say you may be unaware of harmful chemicals in some of them.

"Actually, a lot of the makeup that you find in stores for Halloween aren't particularly the safest. Big huge label: face makeup, face paint. And then you instantly assume, 'Oh, face paint, it's safe for my face,'" said Sarah Williams, a lash technician at Salon Eleven in Harrisonburg.

Some of the highly pigmented makeups and paints available at Halloween stores are not meant for use on sensitive skin or near the eyes and nose. They can also cause breakouts or rashes. Experts say it is best to read the labels carefully or just avoid them.

"Sticking with your professional beauty products that you would normally see in a regular grocery or supermarket is safer than buying those pigmented or highly concentrated pigmented products," said Williams.

"It usually says on the back, 'keep away from this area' or 'don't use if you have sensitive skin.' There will be a little warning area. But it's not easy to see at first. You have to be really looking for it," said Cristina Perez, a hair stylist at Salon Eleven.

They also warned that colored contacts should only be purchased from an optometrist, as some lower quality contacts can be the wrong fit, have tears, or contain irritating chemicals.

Plus, the vast majority of cosmetic contact lenses out there are actually illegal, not to mention dangerous. You can learn more about the dangers of decorative contact lenses (that's not hyperbole - ICE, the DEA, and CBP all seize hundreds of thousands of pairs a year)


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