VDOT prepares for potential weekend snow

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With winter weather expected this weekend, the Virginia Department of Transportation is working to prepare the roads to help keep drivers safe and make clearing the roads after the storm easier.

On Thursday, VDOT prepped secondary and some primary roads across the valley ahead of the expected snow this weekend. They'll treat the interstates and other primary roads on Friday, closer to the storm's expected arrival.

They want to give enough time for the treatment to work, but they don't want it to be worn down by traffic either because the brine solution is important to keeping the roads clear.

"it gives our crews a chance to mobilize before that frozen precipitation really makes a heavy bond with the road surface," Ken Slack, VDOT communications specialist, said. "Until they can get out there with the plows and the chemical salt."

VDOT says once the snow comes, crews will be working 12-hour shifts to get the roads cleared.