Valley Supportive Housing adds 8 apartments

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STAUNTON, Va. (WHSV) — Eight new apartments were showcased today at Valley Supportive Housing's open house.

They have 24 other apartments, and one resident says they are how he's able to survive.

"I retired from the Marine Corp," Jan Craun said, "and I get a check once a month if I have an address."

Craun says he was homeless before living in these apartments, where he's lived for about eight years. He left for six months and was homeless during that time.

"I was gone six months with nothing, and lived in the mountains again,” Craun said. “I was so lucky to find Clark. I would be in my truck."

The VSH says the building had been empty for a while, and they received a loan from the state to renovate the apartments. They say the apartments are more than just affordable housing.

"When you give a person housing, and we try and make it attractive, it gives them a sense of pride,” said Elizabeth Cianciolo, a VSH board member.

VSH says their apartments have low turnover, and it means people are able to be part of a community and live independently.