Valley dairy will become first in the state with regenerative manure treatment

Published: Apr. 13, 2017 at 4:50 PM EDT
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Windcrest Holsteins, located in Timberville, will be the first dairy in Virginia to install the First Wave Phosphorus and Nitrogen Capture System by Livestock Water Recycling, Inc.

The machine will help separate solids from their manure, giving them cleaner water that they will use to flush out their barns. This will make for even healthier cows. The technology will also capture phosphorus and nitrogen to make a more efficient fertilizer for their crops.

Being the first dairy in the state with this does make them a little nervous.

"It's always a little scary to use technology is rather new. There's a big investment in this system and it's a type of technology that's being used in many wastewater treatment plants, so there is some security," said David Yutzy, the owner.

He added that one of the main drivers for this is to help expand their operation, and that they plan to have it up and running sometime this summer.