Valley family continues to fight childhood cancer by donating hundreds of toys to UVA Children's Hospital

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PAGE COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) — We've told you the story before of Lexi Rucker, a little girl in the Shenandoah Valley diagnosed with Leukemia years ago who is now in remission.

Lexi had toy drop off locations throughout the valley including in Harrisonburg, Rockingham, and Page County

Lexi and her family have done great things to benefit those affected by childhood cancer since then, including raising thousands of dollars for cancer research.

On Monday, Lexi and her family saw another need and went to UVA Children's Hospital to donate hundreds of new toys for kids to have while they get treatment.

"Lexi was always blessed at the clinic with something just to make her day a little better," Stephanie Rucker, Lexi's mom, said. "Whether she had an infusion or she had surgery or even just getting her labs taken, there was something for her in the toy bin."

The family decided to start collecting toys after noticing some of the toy boxes at the hospital were getting low.

Rucker explained that most kids are given a toy to help them through their treatment.

The family felt those bins should always be filled up — not just around the holidays.

"We wanted to make sure that toy room is a happy place and is a filled place full of toys, because just a little bit of happiness goes a long way, especially for a kid with cancer," Rucker said.

Rucker said their family collected 11 boxes filled with toys with help from partners throughout the valley.

She said next September they will host the toy drive again in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.