Valley man targeted by car wrapping scam

Published: Dec. 21, 2019 at 7:55 PM EST
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You've probably seen cars wrapped in energy drink promotions before such as Red Bull, Monster, or Rockstar. One Valley man said an energy drink he's never heard of wanted to pay him an unreal amount of to wrap his personal car.

William Gray said he believes he was targeted a few weeks ago for a scam after coming across an ad on Facebook.

He said the ad was for a drink company called, Kronik Energy. Gray said a man called him over the phone and said the product was sold at different retail stores like Autozone.

Gray said he was concerned because he was unsure of how the man got his phone number. He said then he realized something was up when he received a suspicious package in the mail.

"They sent me a cashier check for almost $3,000," Gray said. "After depositing the check they wanted me to keep $500 and take the rest to a third party to sticker the vehicle and give them the money."

Gray said the company also offered to pay him $500 a week for ten weeks straight. He said he was also concerned because the man said the company was based in Florida but the package came from Washington state.

The Better Business Bureau refers to this as the Car Wrap Scam. They said after a couple of days the check will bounce and the scammers hope you've already wired the money through.

"Once I went to my bank and I had the bank manager check out the check, they said the check was fake," Gray said.

He said even though he has not cashed the check, the company keeps harassing him and his wife.

"I was like look listen leave us alone stop calling us you're harassing us and they just keep texting and calling," Gray said. "They ask, oh have you deposited the check? No, and I will not."

WHSV tried to reach out to the company and to no avail, the number provided doesn't actually work.

The BBB said if someone urges you to send or wire money quickly its probably a scam. They say legitimate companies will not ask you to wire money to them.