Valley mom helping bring awareness to son's rare disease

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AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) — It's called Wilson Disease, and it's forcing one junior at Fort Defiance High School to miss out on the field this year, but with the help of his mother, he won't let it slow him down.

16-year-old Sam Hill was recently diagnosed with Wilson's Disease, a rare genetic disorder that leads to copper poisoning the body.

His mom, Melissa Hill, said the doctors helped catch the disease early, so he's on medicine right now to get better.

But he isn't fighting just for himself. His entire family plans to take part in walking around the world for Wilson's Disease on Saturday, helping spread awareness.

"We're blessed that he's been diagnosed this early as he has. So it'd be great if they could find a better way of detecting this, so that it could be caught in the early stages," Hill said.

To donate for the Wilson's disease walk, you can click here.