Venable wins place on Staunton school board

Published: Jun. 22, 2018 at 6:32 PM EDT
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Kenneth Venable secured a seat on the Staunton School Board after a recount on Friday morning.

Ron Ramsey, the incumbent,

on May 11 after the election on May 5. He lost to Venable by just two votes during Staunton's May 1 election. Venable received 1,322 votes and Ramsey received 1,320.

Seven people ran this past May to be elected, including Ray Ergenbright, Christine Poulson, Kenneth Venable, John Hartless, Amy Wratchford, Natasha McCurdy and current board member Ron Ramsey.

They were looking to fill four seats: those of Laura Kleiner and Amy Darby, as well as Ramsey's own seat up for reelection, and a special election to complete the two-year term of the late Jody Grogan.

Angela Whitesell had been appointed to fill Grogan's seat after his passing until the May election.

On May 1, voters chose McCurdy in the special election and, in the main school board election, Christine Poulson took 1,632 votes and Amy Wratchford took 1,578 votes, earning the top two spots


Following them, Kenneth Venable received 1,322 votes and Ronald "Ron" Ramsey received 1,320 votes.

In Virginia, candidates can call for a recount if the vote differential is less than one percent. In this election, Ramsey lost by 0.075 percent of the vote. The city also covered the costs of the recount since Ramsey lost by less than 0.5 percent.

Staunton judge Charles Ricketts presided over the recount court. The Virginia Supreme Court also appointed David Johnson from Chesterfield and Richard Wallerstein from Henrico to oversee the recount.

Now that the election results are official, Venable says he is looking forward to serving on the school board.

"Based on my platform, we have a lot of things to do as far as the school system," Venable said. "But also, making sure we're focused on the students, make sure we're focused on the staff, and making sure we're focused on the facilities."

Venable added that he's looking forward to giving back to the community that he was born and raised in.

Venable's term will start on July 1.