Verona Elementary School up for sale after 2017 closure

VERONA, Va. (WHSV) — Verona Elementary School closed its doors in 2017, and just a few weeks ago, the building was put on the market to be sold.

Verona Elementary School and Cottonwood's for sale sign in front of the school. | Credit: WHSV

The Verona Community Association has been using Verona Elementary School for youth athletics for at least 25 years, but now that it is on the market, they may need to find another place to go.

The Verona Community Association is a non-profit that provides sports programs in Augusta County for youth ages four to 18.

They have about 575 students participate each year in the eight sports that they offer.

With the school now on the market, the association is concerned about not having a space for their programs.

"We have no idea where we might be able to go, um, because, like I said, there are space issues with the middle school and the elementary school," Anissa Powers, president of the Verona Community Association, said.

The association is already currently using facilities at Stewart Middle School and Clymore Elementary School, just up the road from Verona, for some of their programs.

The high school is also using those spaces, though, which does not leave much room for programs to be added.

"It affects all of us, for not just our youth sports, but our sports in middle school and high school," Powers said. "So, we always get lots of questions from parents of, you know, where are we going to go?"

And that is a question for which the association does not currently have an answer.

Powers said they will be working with the county to come up with possible solutions if they are unable to use the space once it's sold.

The ball fields behind the school are not included in the sale of the building, but Powers said youth athletics will still be greatly impacted by not having access to the building, including the gym.