Vets urge pet owners to be careful during cold weather

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — Cold temperatures and wind chills are not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous to humans and pets.

A local veterinarian said to make sure your pet has an enclosed shelter, fresh water or even a heated water bowl and warm bedding if they are outside. Taking dogs on a short walks when it's cold outside can help prevent frostbite

Megan Colaw, a local licencsed veterinary technician, said to make sure to check the hood of your car to make sure no animals are in the hood of your car.

"If you do have a problem with animals getting in your car, definitely check under the hood before you start up your vehicle in the mornings or even in the evenings, just because you never know if they're in there trying to keep warm," said Colaw.

Colaw said animals are most prone to frostbite on their ears, nose, padding of their paws.