Employees react to viral video of confrontation at West Virginia restaurant

Published: Feb. 22, 2019 at 8:58 AM EST
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A video of a conflict between a customer and employees at Tampico Mexican Restaurant in Parkersburg, West Virginia, is going viral, and employees say the customer's behavior was unacceptable.

“English is our first language, so you need to speak English,” says the woman in the video, which was recorded Saturday at Tampico Mexican Restaurant in Parkersburg

She's talking to Sergio Budar, the General Manager of Tampico.

“Me, the owner, and another partner were talking about the business when suddenly a lady came on our side and yelled at us to be – actually that we were talking in Spanish," said Budar. "That’s when I stood up and just asked her if there was any problem."

The video went viral shortly after it was posted online Saturday evening.

Tampico employee Miranda Castillo was there during the incident.

“So then I start listening and that’s when I hear her say that ‘This is America’ and I knew I had to pull out my phone and start recording," said Castillo. "She was saying ‘speak English.' I have come across videos like this on Twitter and on Facebook and all of that."

“Well, I’m sorry about you too…get the f*** out of my country,” the woman in the video says.

“Unfortunately, that’s a behavior that we cannot tolerate because there were other people here and I just asked her to leave,” Budar explained.

“This situation hasn’t happened to me before…I believe it’s only a few because this place, this country, which is my county, I am a U.S. citizen, it’s great. So I believe that that’s the minority,” he said.

WHSV's sister station, WTAP, attempted to contact the woman in the video for comment, but she did not respond. WTAP is available to tell her side of the story if she wishes to do so.

Video taken by an employee of a Mexican restaurant in West Virginia shows a woman telling the manager to "get the f*** out of my country."

Posted by WHSV - TV 3 on Friday, February 22, 2019